Aeoliah – J’adore

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[Fr] La musique pour adorer votre esprit ! La musique enchantée d’Aeoliah inspire votre esprit, charme votre corps et votre âme, captive vos sens. Une nouvelle respiration, la renaissance de nos sentiments, laissez la musique caresser et embrasser tout votre être et vous vous souviendrez de qui vous ètes réellement. Claviers, synthétiseurs, piano, choeur.

[En] Aeoliah is a beloved artist who has been making angelic music for over 20 years. There have been numerous reissues and several beautiful series, such as « Healing Music for Reiki, » in four volumes. Now, with his first bona fide new recording in quite some time, we are treated to a masterfully sublime album of classically, inspired music filled with beauty and love, and adoration for the immortal spirit that lives, breathes and moves inside each of us. This music is utterly enchanting, with sounds of piano, flute, harps, angelic voices, strings, all presented with a longing for the reuniting of our heart and soul through joyous, exalted passages. Aeoliah has rarely played with such fluidity and inspiration, obviously taking his own intentions fully to heart. This is a succinctly romantic and endearing work, offering great pleasure and the feeling of comforting companionship to the listener.

Tracklist :

1 – The caress (6:16) – New Age
2 – Rhapsody (3:58) – New Age
3 – Dancing spirit (4:19) – New Age
4 – J’adore (4:11) – New Age
5 – Promenade (6:21) – New Age
6 – Immortal beauty (5:05) – New Age
7 – Te amo (5:19) – New Age
8 – Morning glory (5:40) – New Age
9 – Rapture (4:50) – New Age
10 – Immortal love (5:38) – New Age
11 – The triumph (3:35) – New Age

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